A new standard for compressed air dryers

April 2015, posted in News

With many years experience making market leading compressed air dryers, our team of experienced engineers have applied their knowledge and experience into eliminating many of the problems associated with desiccant dryers.

Our Hydra-D range is a new standard for compressed air dryers incorporating innovative features and benefits. Compressed air is an important source of energy that is widely used throughout industry.

  • Guaranteed performance
  • Reliability
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy saving design
  • Simple installation & maintenance
  • -40 °C pressure dew point
  • 68 Litres/sec maximum flow
  • 15 Percent purge air
  • 60 Percent energy saving

Hydra-D Technology

Our dryers deliver high quality compressed air with increased reliability, lower running costs and simplified maintenance procedures.

Optimum dew point performance

Air velocity is controlled by a pressure maintaining device to ensure dew point maintenance constant flow and pressure. Reliable high performance valves

Hydra-D1 uses ball valves and two piloted solenoid valves and hydra-d2 and d3 series use four piloted solenoid valves to control inlet and outlet air, maintaining air pressure within the dryer which prevents ingress of moisture onto the desiccant beds when off-line. Energy saving dew point control option

Monitoring of outlet dew point means purge only occurs when the bed is fully saturated, saving on purge air. Constant flow and pressure

Pressure is equalised before switching columns to ensure consistent air pressure and to reduce movement of the desiccant media which causes attrition. PLC controlled operation

The dryer is controlled by a robust and reliable plc control system. The PLC memory retention enables the controller to resume the drying cycle at the point where it previously stopped, ensuring clean and dry air downstream. Patented filter/desiccant cartridge.

Water separation, inlet and outlet filtration and desiccant integrated into a single cartridge (can eliminate up to 3 external filters) improving flow distribution giving better performance and lowering pressure drop. High density filled desiccant provides maximum adsorption capacity and the easy to replace cartridges simplifies and speeds up maintenance.

How the Hydra-D works

Hydra-D dryers use the pressure swing adsorption principle to efficiently dry compressed air. They use a heatless twin tower configuration housed in a modular design. Each column contains a unique desiccant cartridge which incorporates inlet and outlet filtration.

Wet air from the compressor after-cooler enters the dryer and is directed into column A. Bulk liquids and particles are removed by the filtration/separation stage, which is located on the inlet to the cartridge. Water is retained within the dryer until the column is regenerated, when it will be vented to atmosphere as it is depressurised. Following the filtration stage, air passes through the desiccant bed where any remaining moisture is adsorbed. Finally, the dry air passes through a particle filter, which retains any remaining desiccant particles that may have been carried through the system.

Simultaneously, a small amount of dry air is counterflowed down through cartridge B and exhausted to atmosphere, removing the moisture and regenerating the desiccant.

The dryer is controlled by a PLC which periodically switches the solenoid valves when the compressor is running, reversing the function of each column and therefore ensuring the continuous supply of dry air.

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