ASCO Numatics (Joucomatic)

Here at BL Pneumatics, we pride ourselves on offering the very best selection of pneumatic components from the leading manufacturers in the industry, with our range of products from the world renowned ASCO Numatics forming a big part of this. With a vast array of solenoid valves, process valves, valve actuators and so much more in their product line, you can be confident of finding the right component to meet your needs no matter how complex or straightforward they may seem.

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Founded in 1927, this company has gone from strength to strength, with their components used globally in all manner of different ways. The needs of the customer have always been at the forefront of their thinking and with continuous efforts when it comes to research, development and production; the results have seen them become an established and successful name in the industry.

In 1985 Emerson Electric Co. acquired ASCO. Emerson ranks among the world's largest and most respected industrial corporations.

Emerson in 1988 bought Joucomatic, Europe's leading name in pneumatic valves, and combined it into the ASCO family.

In 2008 ASCO and Numatics, companies of Emerson Industrial Automation, merged operations in North America to form ASCO Numatics -- a unified company that offers comprehensive flow control and pneumatics solutions for a wide range of industry-focused applications.

High End ASCO Numatics (Joucomatic) Components

With our selection of high-end ASCO Numatics (Joucomatic) components, you can benefit from improved productivity within your setting in addition to lower overall running costs. What’s more, if you are ever unsure of the exact component you need or require advice on how to ensure the best results, our team at BL Pneumatics have the experience and knowledge when it comes to ASCO Numatics (Joucomatic) and the range of products available to provide you with the expert assistance you need.

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