Air Preparation Equipment (FRL)

FRL units Filter, Regulate, Lubricate the air supply to a pneumatic circuit. Elements are available individually or as an assembled unit, with sizes ranging from 1/8” to 2”.

The box set' concept takes away that potential of parts being missing or incorrectly fitting, by giving you one product, one part number, at one price. The unit is pre-assembled before despatch and can include a strong mounting bracket, pressure gauge and with or without a shut off valve for isolation of the upstream supply.

  • Multi-Product Combinations and Boxed Sets incorporating filter regulator, lubricator and accessories
  • Filters, various grades to remove condensate, dirt, oil, oil vapour and most hydrocarbon odours.
  • Filter - Regulators, dual function which reduce air pressure to an adjustable level after removing water, dirt and dust.
  • Pressure Regulators, reduce pressure to application specification
  • Lubricators, to distribute oil into the compressed air stream.
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Control Valves, soft start, dump and combined soft start/dump
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Service Kits and Replacement Filter Elements
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Air Preperation Combination Units Product
Tubing Box Product
Tubing Box Product
Air Preperation Combination Units Product

Combination Units

Best air preparation means using a filter, regulator and lubricator in the correct order along with accessories that make the installation easy. Box sets pull together, in a simple ready to go assembly, all the elements needed for an efficient airline.

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Filter Regulators

Filter regulator combinations ensure water and particulate removal and accurate pressure control eliminating problems due to poor air quality. Range, size, pressure range, drain type and bowl type are all easily selectable.

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Filters are designed to trap contaminant. They remove solid impurities such as rust, dirt particles and water droplets from compressed air. Correct filtration depends upon the outlet quality required.

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Where lubrication is required, adding a small quantity of oil to compressed air greatly reduces wear and tear of pneumatic components. Any pneumatic actuator, valve or device downstream will generally benefit from adequate lubrication offering longer life and reducing total cost.

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Pressure Regulators

Regulators can help to improve efficiency by reducing component wear and by lowering energy costs. Lower system pressures mean less risk and lower running costs.

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Pressure Relief Valves

Designed to protect compressed air systems from over pressurisation.

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Soft Start Dump Valves

Soft start dump valves allow for a controlled increase of downstream pressure on initial start up. These valves reduce and then gradually increase the downstream pressure that is supplied to actuators from a safe low initial value, to the higher values that the machines demand; thereby protecting personnel and equipment from the sudden shock loads that can damage components or injure people.

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