Actuators / Cylinders

Pneumatic actuators (sometimes called Cylinders) are the product used to provide motion and force to industrial automation applications.

BL Pneumatics offers a comprehensive range from all the leading manufacturers with a choice of VDMA, ISO standard, pneumatic cylinders and air actuators. Both metric and imperial bore sizes are available.

Actuators or Cylinders are available with diameters from 6 to 320mm and with strokes from 5 to 3000 mm, single-acting or double-acting, with or without through rod, magnetic or non-magnetic, with external guiding available on some models.

The cylinders can be used in numerous applications, such as assembly lines, packaging and production machinery, at high temperatures and in extremely corrosive environments. A large selection of cylinder accessories is available to complete the range.

  • ISO-VDMA cylinders, double and single acting with bore sizes from 32-320mm
  • ISO Cylinders, double and single acting, bore sizes from 10-63mm standard, 12- 125mm stainless steel
  • Non ISO-VDMA Cylinders, compact and roundline
  • Rodless Cylinders, 16-80mm bore, up to 8500mm stroke depending on bore diameter.
  • Cylinder mountings
  • Switches-Magnetically operated

Actuators Cylinders


The industrial automation sector's most popular actuator of choice. Conforming to ISO15552, ISO6431, VDMA24562 and NFE49-003-1 they offer complete interchangeability with other manufacturers. The range includes aluminium profile barrel and more traditional tie rod construction.

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The choice of materials and other design features have provided the basis for a complete range of versatile and very reliable cylinders. When applying pneumatic actuators to lighter duty, lower force applications, many machine builders tend to select a simple roundline product. The most common of these are actuators that conform to ISO 6432, a dimensional standard ensuring interchangeability between manufacturers.

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Compact cylinders are becoming more and more widely used where space is of a premium on modern machines - available in single and double acting versions

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In the Rodless range of actuators, the piston is coupled to an external slide table, which provides the linear motion and force. This means that they are ideal for confined spaces or long strokes.

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Guided Actuators are suitable for manufacturing processes requiring high rigidity and high precision, providing non-rotating function, high load performance and stability. 

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Where angular motion rather than linear is required, then a rotary actuator has the answer. Rotary actuators are suitable for applications requiring the rotation of a component (up to 360˚) and offer considerable space saving advantages compared to using a linear actuator.

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